Embrace the Luxury

Introducing 'Elleganza Titanium', a luxury vehicle of unparalleled elegance.

Constructed on the stellar Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, the Elleganza Titanium embodies luxury, sophistication, and supreme comfort.

Elleganza Titanium is a celebration of luxurious driving and premium comfort.

Key features include plush GL VIP Seats with artificial leather upholstery, an exotic Bashak model ceiling design, and a side glass design against an Alcantara fabric backdrop. Comfort elements include an electrical table, a 43'' LG Hull HD TV, a fridge in a decorative case, and an iPad system managing vehicle's electronics.

The vehicle also provides Apple TV entertainment, wifi connectivity, an intercom communication system with the driver, and advanced QUAT cameras system focused on safety. It offers multiple charging options, including 220V & USB charging, HDMI connection, a generous 1500W inverter, and an emphasis on temperature control with a 15 KW Webasto air conditioner and a separate 2 KW heating system.